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- Defense Agency-Advertising and Marketing for Defense Companies.

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15 years of experience in marketing, advertising and business development.

Concentrate on what you know best, we will work with you on the rest.

Would you like us to be your marketing partner?

Often qualified as ``defense business geeks``, we love and breathe defense. By the same token we have seen many company marketing efforts not properly targeted, advertisements placed in the wrong medium, tradeshow efforts wasted. The shruken defense budget, specially for marketing makes it more challenging. Let us work with you, operate within these parameters to find the best CPM. Our use of social media, blogs, conferences and other available resources should enhance your position in the marketplace save you time...and money. Since we do not take too many clients, we can provide individual tactical and strategic assistance without running the meter up!


A trendy word that is often misused in the defense sector and generally in marketing. The social media experience can be a positive one and we can promote your products and measure effectiveness across channels.


Content is changing fast. We can provide you with media content adapted to online editorial through targeted blogs and produce P.R pieces on demand.

Print and digital media

The Defense Agency can negotiate and book print or digital advertising on your behalf along with selecting the proper message.

Other services

The Defense Agency can work with you on more tactical and strategic services called special assignement. Please call in.

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DC Office: 2121 Wisconsin Av. Suite 1200 Washington, DC 20007